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Role of Fatty Acids in Skin Care

  • If you are a skin guru about skin science, you know that barrier repair moisturizers need ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids to effectively repair the skin barrier. When looking for a fatty acid-containing moisturizing cream, the type and amount of fatty acids in the cream are important. This article will ...

    2021-08-30 | Leslie Baumann MD

Layers of Human Skin

  • How many layers are in human skin? There are 2 main layers of the skin: the epidermis and the dermis. These can be further subdivided into 8 total layers of the skin as seen in the diagrams below. How many layers the skin has depends upon what area of the ...

    2021-08-30 | Leslie Baumann MD

Best Types of Moisturizers For Your Skin

  • Moisturizers affect the efficacy of other skincare products in your skin regimen- so choosing the best type of moisturizer is important. There are many different types of moisturizers, and it is important that you find the best moisturizer to match your skin type . The easiest way to choose which ...

    2021-08-30 | Leslie Baumann MD

What Age to Start Using Anti-Aging Skin Care Product

  • There is no perfect age to begin using anti-aging products. The best age to begin antiaging moisturizers depends upon many things and differs from person to person. Genetics, lifestyle habits, diet, stress levels, consumption of fruits and vegetables, vitamin use, hormones, and sleep patterns all contribute to aging skin . ...

    2021-07-30 | Leslie Baumann MD

How Do Moisturizers Work?

  • by Leslie Baumann MD: Board-certified dermatologist, author and researcher Have you ever wondered about the meaning of the word “moisturizer” or the effects moisturizers have on your face? If you want to find the best moisturizer for your skin type, then you must first take the skin type quiz so ...

    2021-07-30 | Leslie Baumann MD


  • Exfoliators take off the top dead layer of the skin, leaving it smoother with an increased ability to reflect light. This is the fastest way to get glowing skin. When the skin’s surface is not smooth, dead skin cells heap upon the top layer of the skin.

    2021-06-22 | Leslie Baumann MD