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The 2011 Beauty Forecast

The 2011 Beauty ForecastDr. Leslie Baumann   More injectable fillersInjections are the most popular anti-aging treatments, and in the next few years we can expect to see new dermal fillers hitting the market. In addition, talented doctors have been finding off-label ways to use fillers to turn back the hands of time. The current trend is to use fillers in the...

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New manicures last two weeks

New manicures last two weeksDr. Leslie Baumann   If you have a busy life filled with juggling work, school, family, social and other obligations, finding time to schedule a weekly manicure can be quite a challenge. Long-lasting manicures are a relatively recent trend, and if two weeks without a chip sounds good to you, here’s the scoop. Most long...

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The Antiaging Potential of Electric Stimulation

The Antiaging Potential of Electric StimulationDr. Leslie Baumann   Dermatologists have known for years that collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin decline in concentration with advancing age. Many products have been convincingly shown to increase synthesis of collagen, such as retinoids, vitamin C, and glycolic acid. However, elastin production is more ...

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Can iPhone apps treat skin?

Can iPhone apps treat skin?Dr. Leslie Baumann   Wouldn't it be great if you could erase acne and wrinkles while chatting on the phone? Well, two new iPhone apps promise to do just that! AcneApp and Atomic Red both harness the iPhone's light emitting diode (LED) screen to emit wavelengths that can benefit skin. The principle is the same as that behind the r...

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Would you try tattooed makeup?

Would you try tattooed makeup?Dr. Leslie Baumann   Yes, cosmetic tattoos can be scary--we've all seen those awful eyebrows. But when done correctly, permanent makeup can be a great option, especially if you suffer from alopecia (all-over hair loss), have vision issues or otherwise find it hard to apply makeup, or are just tired of painting your face every day...

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