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Wake up zonked? Finding your sleep sweet spot can help

Wake up zonked? Finding your sleep sweet spot can helpDr. Lesie Baumann   Jennifer Nelson TODAY.com contributor updated 5/23/2011 9:09:32 AM ET Dan Nainan, 29, an actor and comedian in New York City sleeps on his back not because he finds it comfortable — but because he worries about wrinkles. "People who sleep on their side do not understan...

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Do Wrinkle Serums Work?

Do Wrinkle Serums Work?Dr. Leslie Baumann   Consumer Reports is a great resource for the real scoop on everyday goods, covering everything from personal care products to vacuum cleaners. In its May issue, the magazine turned its attention to wrinkle serums to see how well they really work. Nine serums, ranging in price from $20 to $65 per ounce, were teste...

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Skin Care Resolutions for Your 40th Birthday

Skin Care Resolutions for Your 40th BirthdayDr. Leslie Baumann   Well, it's official : Your 40! As you woke up on this momentous birthday, are you pondering if you have done everything you can to stay healthy and feel young? You can have the skin care part down by following the three cardinal rules of wrinkle prevention: 1. Wear sunscreen EVERY day. No exc...

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Wrinkle Fighting Breakthroughs

Wrinkle Fighting BreakthroughsDr. Leslie Baumann   This spring, expect a slew of new products that promise to stimulate collagen and elastin using the process of electric stimulation. Collagen and elastin are proteins in skin that diminish as we get older. Collagen is like scaffolding that gives skin its structure and keeps wrinkles from forming, while ela...

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Can a cancer cream fight wrinkles?

Can a cancer cream fight wrinkles?Dr. Leslie Baumann   For years, patients suffering from an early form of skin cancer called actinic keratoses have reported that treatment with the prescription cream Efudex left their skin looking younger. Now, research has finally backed them up: Besides being useful in the treatment of precancerous lesions, Efudex (a brand...

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