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A Closer Look at Keloids

A Closer Look at KeloidsDr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd     Keloids are abnormal scars characterized by excessive scar tissue formation. Clinically, these elevated scars demonstrate extension beyond the original border of the wound. Hypertrophic scars differ from keloids in that they remain within the confines of the wound and are only slightly raised. ...

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Skin Cancer in African-Americans

Skin Cancer in African-AmericansDr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd     Skin cancers are less frequently observed in African-American patients. Most likely, this decreased frequency is due to the photoprotection conferred by the melanin in darkly pigmented skin. But despite the lower risk to this patient population, African-American patients who develop skin ca...

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Skin Cancer: Answering Your Questions

Skin Cancer: Answering Your QuestionsDr. Leslie Baumann   Following my previous entry about skin cancer, readers raised many excellent points. No skin care topic is more important, so let's tackle some of your most common questions: Can dark-skinned people get skin cancer? Yes! Although fair-skinned people are at greater risk, darker skin can develop ca...

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