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Pigmented Lesions in Derker Skin Types

Pigmented Lesions in Derker Skin TypesDr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd   Treating pigmented lesions in patients with darker skin types can be clinically challenging due to the relatively lower incidence of pigmented lesions in this patient population. This article will review the biology of pigmentation and offer further clinical insight into pigmented lesions in da...

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Mercury in Skin Lightening Creams

Mercury in Skin Lightening CreamsDr. Leslie Baumann   In ancient times, Romans and Egyptians used mercury to lighten the skin. It is used outside the US to lighten the skin with dangerous results. In the United States, it is widely known that mercury is poisonous and that it should be avoided in food and skin care. For this reason, I was shocked when The Chic...

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Help! Why are my underarms so dark?

Help! Why are my underarms so dark?Dr. Leslie Baumann   If you have dark underarms, it may be a sign that your body needs some attention - typically the best way to treat acanthosis nigricans is from the inside out. "I have dark skin under my arms and I can't make it go away by bathing, trying skin-lightening ingredients or changing deodorants and perfumes...

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When is a beauty mark not so beautiful?

When is a beauty mark not so beautiful?Dr. Leslie Baumann   I've written many entries about ways to protect your skin, but an equally important element of dermatology is knowing how to recognize the early signs of damage. There are two primary categories of skin cancer: melanoma and non-melanoma. Melanoma (from the same root as "melanin") skin cancers primari...

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