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Dry Skin: Fight the Good Fight

Dry Skin: Fight the Good FightDr. Leslie Baumann   You've seen the results of dry skin, but what's going on beneath the surface? Your top layer of skin, the epidermis, is actually made of four layers - in the middle, lipids (basically, fats) surround your skin cells and help to retain moisture. When that barrier is disrupted, your skin cells aren't held to...

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Keep Your Hands Soft and Touchable

Keep Your Hands Soft and TouchableDr. Leslie Baumann   Some of us talk with them. Most of us greet friends and associates with them. And we all put them through the ringer on a daily basis! Still, our hands often get far less TLC than our faces. Let's consider some ways to ensure that your hands are as perfectly groomed as the rest of you: Just like your...

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It is important to see your doctor to diagnose your skin type. These products are formulated for use under a doctor’s supervision. Once you visit your doctor and get a skin type diagnosis, he/ she will prescribe a skincare regimen for you and give you a code that will allow you to shop here. Find a Skin Type Solutions Physician Partner here.

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