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Herbal Drinks and Vitamins May Cause Breakouts

Herbal Drinks and Vitamins May Cause BreakoutsDr. Leslie Baumann   Are you a detox devotee? Many of detox drinks, as well as chinese herbs and other "cleansing" products, contain vitamins that support liver function--helping it remove chemicals and toxins from the body. I've seen patients use detox drinks as a cure for frequent hangovers, only to find them...

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Could your hairdo be causing your acne?

Could your hairdo be causing your acne?Dr. Leslie Baumann   Most of us spend a good chunk of time washing and styling our hair each day -- but what you may not realize is that those efforts can actually have a less-than-ideal impact on your skin. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to enjoy tamed tresses and clear skin: Many hair products contain a...

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Acne: Beyond Your Face

Acne: Beyond Your FaceDr. Leslie Baumann   Our previous discussions of acne have focused on the face, but for many people body acne is equally troublesome -- and often more difficult to treat. Remember that skin is skin, whether it's on your face or your back and chest. Any areas of skin that are prone to acne need special treatment. In fact, a new product...

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Birth Control Pills and Acne

Birth Control Pills and AcneDr. Leslie Baumann   By now, you've probably heard that birth control pills can improve acne; perhaps you've even taken them for that reason. But with new pills hitting the market all the time, it can be difficult to know which is best for your needs! Of course, the decision to begin taking oral contraceptives is one that you ne...

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Acne Treatments Get High Tech

Acne Treatments Get High TechDr. Leslie Baumann   For years we have known that the best treatment of acne is a retinoid (such as Retin A also known as tretinion) combined with a topical antibiotic and benzoyl peroxide (BP). Addition of salicylic acid (SA) to clean out the pores is also beneficial. However, these ingredients, until recently, could not be combi...

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