Lipsmart Lip Products

BRIANA BRUMERFOUNDER, LIPSMART Briana grew up under the tutelage of her father, renowned inventor and chemist Julius Kay, Founder of Lambert Kay, the premier leader in the nutritional and health care segment of the pet industry. Briana has fostered her involvement in a number of companies, but continues her passion developing in the health and beauty sector. LIPSMART is a testament to her dedication of developing a product that has sustained itself in a competitive market for over 10 years as a leading one product solution. Briana suffered from extreme dry lips and could not find a solution to give her long term relief, she began to research lip ingredients to achieve a moisture restoring effect by stimulating water holding components to compensate for hydration loss. On one hand, LIPSMART boosts the natural water attracting components underneath the lips surface and on the other hand, LIPSMART builds a wall to reserve and lock in the moisture. Through Briana’s leadership, LIPSMART is currently in over 3,000 high-end beauty & spa wellness locations including retail, plastic surgery, dermatology and has also expanded internationally. One of the most rewarding personal outcomes for Briana, has been the positive results experienced by patients suffering with extreme, dry lips undergoing chemo therapy at The Sylvester Cancer Center. LIPSMART received an honorable recognition from the center endorsing the benefits of the treatment and comfort which it provided for their patients. Briana continues her quest to develop new lip solutions to further enhance overall lip quality and appearance. As Briana frequently quotes, “YOUR LIPS AND SMILE IS THE BRIGHTEST FEATURE ON YOUR FACE THAT DEFINES YOU” Briana lives in Miami, Florida where she leads the LIPSMART team.

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