What Is A Serum?

6 different face serums to show different kinds of serums and what serums are

What is a serum?

Serums are skin care products that are usually the most expensive types of products.  Claims are made that they are more concentrated and more potent than other products, but this is not necessarily true. This guide will discuss what a serum is and what a serum is used for.

Definition of facial serum for skin care-

What is serum for the face? There is actually not a standard scientific definition of serum as there is for a cream, lotion or gel.  Rather, the word serum is used to describe the characteristic feel and packaging of a product.  Serums are usually packaged in glass bottles with medicine droppers to look more medicinal.  In some cases, they are packaged in an airless pump.

The classic meaning of the term serum is a concentrated amount of ingredients formulated in a hydrophilic base with few fatty acids.  Most serums don’t include a lot of fatty acid lipids and other occlusive ingredients because they are meant to be more hydrophilic. This is not always true, however, because there are no rules about what a serum is.


Morning Serum Definition

              Serums used in the am skin care routine should focus on protecting the skin because your skin has a circadian rhythm and turns on it’s protective mechanisms in the morning. Examples of protective serums include Antioxidant Serums and Vitamin C Serums.

Night Serum Definition

              The circadian rhythm of the skin focuses on repair mechanisms at night. So- serums used in the pm skin care routine should help the skin with repair.  Retinoid serums such as retinol are a good choice for the evening. Retinoid serums usually come in an airless pump to prevent them from losing strength upon exposure to air and light.

Here are some retinoid serums:




Benefits of facial serums

              Face serum benefits depend upon what ingredients the serum has.  These are the types of ingredients you will see in serums:

Anti-aging Ingredients

Antioxidant Ingredients

Anti-inflammatory Ingredients

Exfoliating Ingredients



Skin Lightening Ingredients


What does serum do for your face?

Depending on what ingredients are in the serum, the serums can do many things.  You first need to know your Baumann Skin Type before we can give you great advice about which serums to use.


Here are some examples of what serums can be used to treat:


Antiaging Serums

Melasma Serums

Rosacea Serums


Disadvantages of face serum

The disadvantage of face serum are:

  1. They are expensive
  2. If you use the wrong cleanser, serums may not penetrate well because cleansers affect the pH of your skin which affects serum penetration- especially ascorbic acid serums.
  3. Your moisturizer can inactive them if you use the wrong one. Saturated and unsaturated and unsaturated fatty acids in moisturizers affect many ingredients- especially skin lightening ingredients.

This is why every product in your skin care routine matters. 

We are here to empower you, educate you and 


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