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The best skin care regimen for your skin type can include many skin care brands. 

I am a dermatologist who has written many books on skin care and I am passionate about helping you build a daily skin care regimen at home.

I developed the Baumann Skin Typing System which was the subject of my New York Times bestselling book called The Skin Type Solution (Bantam Dell 2006).

To get dermatologist tips written by me about your morning and evening skin care regimen, all you need to do is take a scientific quiz .

You will easily find your skin type and discover how to combine skin care products from different brands in the perfect skin care regimen.


This blog with skin care help on daily skin care regimens will get you started on a new skin care regimen for your skin type.

Our advice from dermatologists about skin care regimens will save you time and money by helping you choose the right products for each skin care regimen step.

Click here to learn why a custom skin care regimen is important.


Since I described the Baumann Skin Types,  I have spent the last 18 years testing combinations of skin care products from different brands.

I am constantly researching and testing products with a group of 100+ dermatologists to find the best skin care regimen for each of the Baumann Skin Types. 

Over 200 medical practices use the Baumann Skin Typing system to build skin care regimens for their patients.

The input from these doctors and skin care experts allows us to gather data on what combinations of skin care products work best together in a daily am and pm regimen.

This is how we make sure the morning and evening skin care regimen steps we prescribe are effective for each Baumann Skin Type.

Once you take the quiz- you will be given exact skin care regimen steps.

For each am and pm regimen step- you will be able to choose from a list of products from different brands that are right for your skin type

Our skin care product advice will match preferences you chose in the quiz such as tinted vs un-tinted sunscreen.


Best skin care regimen for your skin type

You can mix and match skin care products from different brands in your skin care regimen.

This allows you to cherry pick the best products and combine them into the perfect daily skin care regimen.


There are many things to consider when building the best am and pm skin care regimen for your skin type.

You need:

  • A correct Baumann Skin Type diagnosis 
  • Knowledge of product chemistry
  • Understanding of how products interact with each other
  • To use the products in the correct order of skin care regimen steps
  • To think about circadian rhythm
  • A morning skin care regimen
  • A different evening skin care regimen

Don't worry- I know all of this and have literally written books on these topics.  I will guide you once you take the quiz.


Can I combine products from different brands in my skin care regimen?


Each skin care brand has a competency in a certain area. 

No one skin care brand is best at everything. - (although they would love for you to believe they are!)

In other words, one brand might make the best Vitamin C serum, while another brand specializes in stem cells, growth factors or exosomes.

You want to combine the best technologies from several different skin care brands in your daily regimen steps.

But- the key is to make sure the products are compatible because you want:

  • The products to increase the effectiveness of each other
  • To decrease side effects
  • To make sure the products are not inactivating each other.


Morning and Evening Skin Care Routine 

When you use the skin care products matters.

Your am and pm regimens should be different.

There are many reasons including the fact that your skin has a circadian rhythm.

It is important when you use products in your skin care regimen because some products:

  • Become inactivated by light and should be used at night
  • Protect skin from light and pollution and should be used in the daytime
  • Work best at night when the skin's repair processes are turned on
  • Work best in the daytime when the skin's protective functions are turned on

You can see there are many reasons to know your skin type before buying any skin care regimen products.

Each of these skin types below needs a different face care regimen.


Does your age matter when choosing products for your skin care regimen?


Your age helps determine what products to use in your daily regimen. 

These factors are considered when we design your regimen:

  • Daily habits
  • Are you pregnant?
  • Are you breastfeeding?
  • Gender
  • How often do you use moisturizer?
  • Do you get pimples?
  • Is your skin sensitive?
  • Does your skin sting?
  • Is your skin rough or dull?
  • Do you have brown spots?
  • What cosmetic concerns do you have?
  • Do you feel dry after washing your face?
  • Do you like the feel of heavy moisturizer?

Come tell us your answers and we will give you the best skin care regimen for your age and skin concerns.


To find the best daily skin care regimen you can find a doctor near you here .

Or you can find the best daily skin care routine at home by taking the quiz and shopping for skin care with our regimen advice.

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