List of Sensitive Skin Signs and Symptoms

The most common signs and symptoms of sensitive skin are redness, scaling, rash, and pimples or small bumps.

A 2019 survey showed the incidence of sensitive skin in women was 60-70% and in men 50-60%. However, many people misdiagnose their skin as sensitive when it is not.

In this blog you can find a list of the signs and symptoms of sensitive skin. 

But- it is even better to take our dermatologist- developed quiz to see if you have sensitive skin.

List of Sensitive Skin Signs and Symptoms

You must have one or more of these sensitive skin signs and symptoms to have sensitive skin:

Bumps on skin (Papules, pustules, or pimples)

Burning Face

Burning Skin

Facial Flushing

Itching Skin

Pimples And Pustules

Pink Skin

Pink Skin With Scale

Prickly Skin

Red Face

Red Skin


Stinging Face

Stinging Skin

Sunburn With No Sun Exposure

Unpleasant skin sensations

Symptoms determine the type of sensitive skin you have

Sensitive skin is reactive meaning it reacts to stimuli with inflammation or skin stinging

The cause of skin sensitivity depends upon which of the 4 sensitive skin types you have.

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Sensitive skin signs symptoms correlate with the type of sensitive skin you have.

The causes of skin sensitivity can vary by skin type.

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Do I Have Sensitive Skin?

The term sensitive skin is often used incorrectly and many people think they have sensitive skin when they do not.

All sensitive skin types have inflammation provoked by stimuli such as:

  • skin care ingredients
  • heat
  • friction
  • spicy food
  • alcohol
  • sunscreen
  • sun exposure
  • light

Many of the people who say they have “sensitive skin” actually have dry skin and no inflammation. Dry skin is not sensitive skin unless it has inflammation- then it is called a dry sensitive skin type in the Baumann Skin Typing System used by dermatologists.

Sensitive skin is not always dry and dry skin is not always sensitive.

The best way to accurately determine if you have dry sensitive skin or oily sensitive skin is to take the skin type quiz which will ask you questions about the signs and symptoms that indicate sensitive skin.

Sensitive Skin on the Neck

The skin on the neck is different than the skin on your face because it has fewer hair follicles.

The neck area has more side effects and gets much more irritated than the face to:

  • antiaging creams
  • retinol
  • hydroxy acids.

The neck heals slower than the face and is more likely to scar after laser treatments. 

When you are beginning a strong antiaging cream with retinol on the neck- start every 4th day so your skin can adjust. 

If your neck gets red and irritated, use a soothing oil such as Argan oil to calm the skin.

Skin Care To Treat the Signs and Symptoms Of Sensitive Skin

The Skin Care Routine for sensitive skin depends upon two things:

  1. Your Baumann Skin Type 
  2. Which subtypes of sensitive skin you have.  

As you can imagine, there are many different skin care routines for sensitive skin.  It is best to shop for products and build a skin care routine according to your Baumann Skin Type. 

Once you take the quiz- we will give you a list of products that match your skin type and a routine designed to  treats all your sensitive skin subtypes.

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