Rosacea in Men

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Men with rosacea have facial stinging, botchy skin and a red face. Males that exercise, eat spicy foods, or drink alcohol may notice they get a red face afterwards. Shaving the face can irritate and exacerbate rosacea. 

If you think you have rosacea, it is important to get on anti-inflammatory skin care products to prevent rosacea from worsening.

Using the correct skin care products for your skin type can help soothe and calm your facial skin.


You can read more about what causes rosacea here. The causes of rosacea are the same in males and females. 

However, rosacea in men can be a more troublesome for several reasons:

  • Shaving the face makes rosacea worse
  • Men often do not want to wear facial foundation or facial powder to cover the redness
  • Men who work out in a hot gym may experience rosacea flares
  • Outdoors sports with exposure to extreme hot or cold makes males more susceptible to skin damage and rosacea

Rosacea Treatment in Men

The first thing to think about when treating rosacea is consider what triggers your rosacea? These tips about handling rosacea triggers can help.  

What triggers your rosacea flares?

Shaving my facial hair causes redness

Rosacea can worsen after shaving.  The friction from the razor blade moving over the face, the caustic chemicals in shaving cream, and the alcohol in after shave lotions and toners can worsen rosacea. Choose a shaving cream that is specifically made for sensitive skin types. 

Shaving Cream for Rosacea

The best shaving cream for rosacea is Zerafite Creamy Cleanser and Shaving Cream which was designed specifically for rosacea and eczema prone skin types.  

When you shave, use a razor with only one or two blades to reduce friction.  Shave in the direction that the hair grows instead of shaving against the grain which causes more injury to the skin.  An electric razor may help your sensitive skin tolerate shaving.

You can also use soothing cleansers with anti-inflammatory ingredients to wash the rosacea prone skin on your face.

Does facial redness happen at the gym?

If your face gets red at the gym, it could be due to the heat.  Here are some tips for men to calm rosacea flares at the gym due to heat:

  • Rub a cold bottle of water on your skin while exercising can help. Put ice cubes in your water bottle to keep it cold.
  • Choosing to exercise in air conditioning when possible
  • Take a cool shower as soon as possible after exercising
  • Apply a prescription medication such as Rhofade before exercising to help keep capillaries from dilating during exercise.

Detergent in the towels at the gym can irritate sensitive rosacea skin. 

  • Bring your own towels
  • Use fragrance free detergent
  • Choose soft towels
  • Wipe face gently

Do you get a red face after eating hot temperature or spicy foods or drinking alcohol? 

This is a common trigger for rosacea.  Avoiding these foods and drinks can help. Using the right skin care for your skin type can also help control facial flushing so that you can enjoy hot foods and alcohol again.

Can you change your lifestyle habits to avoid these triggers? If so, that will help.  You can also see your dermatologist for laser treatments and prescription medications.  However, the best first step to treat rosacea in men is to get started on the right skin care products for your skin type. 

We can guide you with customized advice on brands and exactly when products to use and when- but first we need to know your Baumann Skin Type.  Once you identify all of your skin's underlying issues, we will give you a personalized skin care routine.  You will be able to buy our dermatologist- recommended products or choose from a list of products that we know work well on your skin type.

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