How to Layer Skin Care Products

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The best way to layer skin care products in your skin care regimen is complicated- especially if you want to mix different skin care brands in your skin care regimen.

The best skin care layering technique depends upon many things including which types of products you have in your skin care routine.

How to layer skin care products can be confusing and  which products come before and after depends on the ingredients in the products.

I am a dermatologist who specializes in skincare- so no worries. I am here to help!

In fact - this is my specialty and research interest as you can see from the many bestselling books and popular blogs I have written on skincare.


I test products from different skin care brands by layering skin care products on the skin and following outcomes.

My system is used by over 200+ medical practices.   

You can learn how my system works here.

Or get started by finding your Baumann Skin Type and I will tell you what products to use in each regimen step.

The order to layer your serums, creams and lotions depends upon which Baumann Skin Type you are.

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Products interact on the skin so what you layer before and after a product is important


2 products layered together will act differently than if they are used alone.


Just like layers of paint combine to change color- the layers of your skin care routine combine, have chemical reactions , and their activity changes.


This is why skin care product layering in your skin care routine is so important!

What to know when laying skin care products

The order of skin care routine steps is determined by a number of factors.  These factors differ by skin type.

These are the issues to consider when layering skin care:

  • How the products affect penetration of skin care ingredients 
  • How the products affect the skin pH
  • How the pH changes affect the other layered products
  • What fatty acids are in the products?
  • Which ingredients inactivate other ingredients
  • What ingredients mix with others to turn into irritating ingredients

How To Layer Skin Care Products

Here are some blogs that discuss specific products- but it is best to take the quiz and let us tell you which products are ok to use in each regimen step for your skin type.

Do facial serums go before or after moisturizers?

Face oil or moisturizer first?

One last skin care tip-on product layering:

Hyaluronic acid acid serums make other products penetrate better.

HA serums used before or after a product can increase effectiveness and increase side effects of the other skin care products. 

So for example- if you are using retinoids or acne treatment products with benzoyl peroxide, be aware that any hyaluronic acid containing serums can cause you to have a rash or reaction to the retinoid.

You do not need to worry about all of these issues.  We have figured it all out for you.

Take the quiz and you will get a skin care routine. 

You will be able to see what products from many brands you can use in each regimen step.

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