How Skin Care Products Are Made

How Skin Care Products Are Made

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Skin care products are made in a manufacturing facility with pre-printed packaging that moves down the assembly line. 

The labeled jars and bottles are automatically filled from a huge vat containing the skin care formula. In some cases, the labels are placed after filling. 

The beautiful silk-screened labels are usually put on before filling, while stick on labels are usually applied after filling.

Can Skin Care Products be Individually Made to Order?

Many companies claim to offer custom skincare products but will actually use standard formulations for everyone and put them in a custom bottle or jar. 

The actual formulations are not unique to you. T

hese products usually have stick-on labels that can be applied after filing the bottled and jars. If a skin care product’s formula is made unique to you, it is usually done in a tiny lab or is hand stirred and filled in someone’s bathroom.  These labs do not have the same scrutiny and oversight that larger manufacturing plants have, so there have been quality control, stability and sterility issues.  For this reason, we are not fans of skin care products made in an unregulated facility or someone’s bathroom.  Especially if the products are organic and do not have preservatives in them to kill any bacteria or fungi that love to grow in skin care products.

The term  ‘custom skin products’ can also mean products that have been chosen based on your skin type.

For a product to be considered as custom skin care, the product should be chosen to have ingredients that are right for your skin type and not have ingredients that are wrong for your skin type. These custom skin care products should be combined with other products that increase the efficacy of the entire custom skin care regimen.

It is best to shop for products that match your Baumann Skin Type

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