How Do I Know if I Have Sensitive Skin

How do you know if you have sensitive skin? The best way is to find a doctor near you or take our dermatologist-developed quiz.

Yes- its the same sensitive skin quiz that dermatologists use in their offices!

If you get pimples, redness, skin burning, stinging or rashes more than once a month- you may have sensitive skin.

Click here for a list of the signs of sensitive skin

Don't guess if you have sensitive skin- people are often wrong and then waste time and money on the wrong skin care products.


There are 2 ways to know for sure if you have sensitive skin:

  1.  Take our dermatologist-developed skin care quiz to see if you have sensitive skin on the face.

How to know if you have sensitive skin quiz.

2. Visit one of our specially trained medical providers using your zip code

Find a doctor near me to diagnose if I have sensitive skin


How to Diagnose Sensitive Skin

There is much more to know about your skin's needs than just- "Is my skin a sensitive skin type? "

You also need to know what diagnosis causing you to be a sensitive skin type and how to treat it.

You see there are 4 Types of Sensitive skin- and you may have more than one type.

Taking the quiz or visiting one of our expert doctors will help you find the cause of your sensitive skin and target it with a dermatologist-recommended customized skin care routine.

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Once you take the sensitive skin quiz, you will know your Baumann Skin Type.

There are 8 Baumann Skin Types that have sensitive skin.  Each of these can have a combination of the 4 sensitive subtypes. 

This can be confusing. This is why our dermatologists have figured this out for you-  all you have to do to know if you have sensitive skin is take the dermatologist-developed sensitive skin quiz.

The way you answer the quiz questions will help us identify the type of sensitive skin you have.

Once we know your Baumann Skin Type and which type of sensitive skin you have, we will give you a list of products that are right for your type (or types) of sensitive skin and any other skin issues you may have.

which skin types are Sensitive skin t...


Once you complete the quiz, you:

  • Can shop by your skin type
  • Find skin care brands that are right for your Baumann Skin Type and Sensitive skin subtype
  • Will receive a step-by-step skin care routine that treats all of your types of sensitive skin at once.
  • Can go step by step through your skin care routine and choose the best products from a list with many brands and price points 
  • Review products and share with others who have the same skin type as you
  • Design and build your own skin care routine
  • Will be empowered to make better skin care decisions
  • Be confident your skin care routine is right for you
  • Find a dermatologist or specially trained medical provider near you to follow up

What Type of Sensitive Skin Do I Have?

You can learn more about the 4 types of sensitive skin here

You can hear others with sensitive skin discussing their skin type here on our YouTube channel.

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