Face Oil or Moisturizer First?

Black woman applying face oil before a moisturizer to her face

Which comes first- oil or moisturizer? Oil can be applied before or after moisturizers on the face. 

On the body, oils are usually applied first and then moisturizers.

When to apply face oil in the skin routine?

It depends on many factors. 

Some oils are comedogenic on the face but safe on the arms and legs and other parts of the body.

Issues like this should be considered when deciding when to use oil in the skin care routine.

We can tell you exactly what step to use oil in your skin care routine once we know your Baumann Skin Type.

What effects do facial oils have on other products in the skin care routine?

Facial oils have fatty acids and occlusive ingredients that:

  • push the product applied before them into the skin
  • prevent the products applied after them from getting into the skin

This means that when you design your skin care routine, you need to think about:

  • What do you want the oil to do?
  • How do you want it to affect the products applied before and after the facial oil?

How to decide if oils go before or after moisturizers?

This depends upon:

  1. Your Baumann Skin Type
  2. What ingredients are in the moisturizer?
  3. Which oil is used?
  4. Which fatty acids are in the facial oil?
  5. What are the other products in the skin care regimen?

Don't stress.  We can help!  Once you know your Baumann Skin Type, we will take you step by step through your routine and help you choose the best brands for your skin type for each step.

Argan Oil before or after moisturizer?

We love argan oil because it has anti-inflammatory fatty acids in it. When you are using argan oil to soothe or calms irritated skin, apply the argan oil first and then the moisturizer.

Rosehip Oil before or after Moisturizer?

Apply rose hip oil first because it has many soothing fatty acids. (1) If your skin is not red or inflamed, you can apply the moisturizer first and the rose hip oil after the moisturizer.

Why do some dermatologists say to use oil before a moisturizer and other dermatologists say to use oil after a moisturizing lotion or cream?

In some skin care routines you will see the oil before the moisturizer.

For other skin types the oil will be after the moisturizer. 

There are many variables to consider.  We have over 40,000 skin care regimen templates that our dermatologists have developed to help you customize your skin care routine.

Let us help you know for sure!  Once you know your Baumann Skin type -  we will guide you.



1. Mármol, I., Sánchez-de-Diego, C., Jiménez-Moreno, N., Ancín-Azpilicueta, C., & Rodríguez-Yoldi, M. J. (2017). Therapeutic applications of rose hips from different Rosa species. International journal of molecular sciences18(6), 1137.

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