Damp or Dry Skin?

Putting serums on dry or damp skin will dramatically influence how much is absorbed and how fast it is absorbed.  Wet skin allows hydrophilic ingredients like Vitamin C pass faster through the skin. Warm wet skin lets even more serum pass through.

Oils, on the other hand, absorb slower on wet or damp skin because they are lipophilic.


Should I Put Vitamin C on Damp or Dry Skin?

Vitamin C is a hydrophilic ingredient. It should be placed on skin after it is cleansed with warm water and ideally a low pH cleanser. (Cleanser choice depends upon your Baumann Skin Type.)

Pat skin dry so that it is still damp and apply the Vitamin C serum before the skin dries.  Cover with a moisturizer. 

Learn more here about why applying Vitamin C to damp skin is better.


Should I Put Niacinamide on Damp or Dry Skin?

Niacinamide is hydrophilic and should be placed on damp skin.  Niacinamide is a PAR-2 blocker used to lighten skin, decrease inflammation and increase cellular energy stores.

Should I Put Retinol on Damp or Dry Skin?

If the skin is warm or damp, more retinol is absorbed.  if you are having retinol side effects, then dry skin more thoroughly after cleansing before you continue with your skin care routine steps.  To learn more about when to apply retinol in your skin care routine, read this blog.

Should I Put BHA (Salicylic Acid) on Damp or Dry Skin?

I prefer giving my patients a salicylic acid cleanser rather than a BHA cream if they are a Baumann Skin Type that needs BHA.  If you are using a BHA toner, cream or serum, I recommend applying t to dry skin to prevent skin irritation. Make sure you are using the best skin care routine for your Baumann Skin Type.

Should I Put Benzoyl Peroxide on Damp or Dry Skin?

Always let skin dry before applying benzoyl peroxide.  It can be very irritating and putting it on wet skin increases absorption.  Keep in mind that if you use a skin care product with hyaluronic acid in it after applying the BP product, it will increase benzoyl peroxide absorption and increase the chances of side effects. 

Should I Put Skin Medications or Skin Treatments on Damp or Dry Skin?

All medications except retinoids and benzoyl peroxide should be placed on clean skin that is still damp and warm from washing.  This will help absorption.   


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