Best Over the Counter Cream for Dark Spots on the Face

Dark spots on face of young woman

There are many over the counter face creams and moisturizers to treat dark spots- but which is best?

Even if you use a prescription strength skin lightener, it will not work if you use it with the wrong moisturizer.

So if you want to find an over the counter skin lightening cream- you actually need 5 things in your skin care routine to get the best results. 

The good news is that you can find all of these dark spot treatment products over the counter.

  1.  A cleanser that exfoliates
  2.  A skin lightening serum with ingredients from several categories of skin lightening ingredients.
  3.  A face cream to moisturize that will not inactivate the skin lightening serum
  4. A retinoid like retinol
  5. A physical sunscreen with iron oxide pigments

We make it very easy for you!

Once you know your Baumann Skin Type we will help you shop all the over the counter brands to find the best products for your skin's concerns.  After all- you might have more going on than just dark spots- lets address all of your skin's issues with over the counter medical grade products.

It is important to choose the best moisturizer for your skin care routine to get the fastest results.

Best over the counter creams to make skin lightening serums work better

Skin creams are made with fatty acids that usually come from oils.

Saturated fatty acids increase the production of the skin pigment melanin.

Unsaturated fatty acids are tyrosinase inhibitors so they decrease production of melanin.

This means that skin creams with unsaturated fatty acids will help your skin lightening serums work better!

The best over the counter cream to treat dark spots that has unsaturated fatty acids is Zerafite Brightening Barrier Cream. 

It was developed to repair the skin barrier and help skin lightening serums work better.

Prescription creams vs over the counter creams to lighten dark spots on the skin

Dermatologists recommend skin care routines with whitening serums or prescription skin lighteners, but they can be inactivated by face creams in your skin care routine.

You do not need a prescription moisturizer- you can find a good barrier repair moisturizer over the counter without a prescription.

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or even better-  shop by your Baumann Skin Type!

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