Dermatologist Recommended Antiaging Skincare Routines For Your 20s

20 year old who needs antiaging skin care products

 It is not too early to begin preventative skincare in your 20s and get on a dermatologist-recommended skin care routine.  But ---do you need to spend a lot of money on expensive anti-aging serums?     Maybe.   Maybe not.


The age to begin antiaging skincare products differs based upon your Baumann Skin Type and other lifestyle factors.  This guide will show you how to prevent aging skin in your 20s and help you find the best antiaging skincare routine whether you are in your early, mid or late 20s.

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Why Do I need Antiaging Skincare in my 20s?

If our skin type quiz tells you that you are a wrinkle prone skin type, this means you have some lifestyle habits such as increased sun exposure that make you more likely to age. Cumulative DNA damage play an important role in aging.  It damages cells and these injuries require cellular energy  to repair the damage. You want to try and stop this as early as possible.  When UV rays touch the skin cell's DNA, damage occurs.  Although your body has DNA repair enzymes to repair the damage, they do not always work perfectly well.  So the more repair that needs to happen, the more likely you are to have residual damage.  Uing a SPF every am starting in your 20s is an important step.

Two main skincare ingredients give your cells the needed energy for DNA repair: Coenzyme Q10 and niacinamide.

You also need an antioxidant in your morning skin routine to help protect your skin from any UV rays or light that makes it past your sunscreen.  Antioxidants like Vitamin C and green tea can help prevent cellular damage that adds up and leads to skin aging.

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Should I Splurge or Save on Antiaging Skincare?


Our custom skincare routines will give you choices of products from various brands and price points.  This will help you know when it is time to splurge on expensive antiaging serums or save money with cheaper drugstore products that are within your budget.

  I find that many people are spending way too much money on night creams in their 20s that they don’t need yet, that are ineffective, or that are not right for their Baumann Skin Type.  I will discuss which night creams and other treatment serums are the best for your young skin to prevent aging.  We call this “prejuvenation of skin”.




Take the Baumann Skin Type Quiz to see if you need antiaging skincare products


Best Anti-Aging Products for 20s

Antiaging Serums for 20s

Which antiaging ingredients are best for skin in your 20s? The antiaging serum that is right for you depends upon your skin type and lifestyle habits.  If you get a lot of sun exposure, you need to use an antioxidant serum under your sunscreen. Types of antioxidant serums include Vitamin C serums or serums that contain other antioxidants like Vitamin E, resveratrol, green tea and other antioxidants. There are several categories of antiaging serums to consider.


Vitamin C Serums for Antiaging in Your 20s

The best antioxidant serum for your 20s is a Vitamin C serum unless you have sensitive skin. (Sensitive skin types need serums with anti-inflammatory ingredients). Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, helps your skin make collagen to keep it strong and smooth. It is also a strong antioxidant that helps neutralize any free radicals that occur due to sun or pollution exposure.


Here are some of our favorite Vitamin C serums to prevent skin aging by protecting your skin’s collagen.



Hyaluronic Acid Serums in Your 20s

Hyaluronic acid serums (HA serums) temporarily plump up skin cells to make your skin look dewy and hydrated by binding water and holding it on the surface of your skin. They are a good moisturizer for oily skin types.  However, HA serums do not prevent aging as their effects are only temporary. They are usually very expensive, but they are not worth splurging on when your goal is to prevent wrinkles.


Growth Factor Serums in Your 20s

There are many types of anti-aging serums that have combinations of growth factors, peptides, defensins, and hyaluronic acid.  However, in your 20s, it I best to stick with retinol, antioxidant serums, or Vitamin C serums because they play a role in preventing skin aging.  Your growth factors are working fine in your 20s so you do not need expensive growth factors serums. We also do not know about the safety of growth factors long term.


Other Antiaging Serums in Your 20s

In our 20s, your skin cells are young and still work properly to repair damage and they still communicate well with each other, so you do not need growth factors, heparan sulfate and defensins. Peptides do not penetrate well into the skin so they are rarely worth the cost. So save your money and stick with antioxidants and retinoids.



Should I Use Retinol in My 20s?

Yes!! Retinol, tretinoin, and other retinoids are great to use in your 20s if you are Wrinkle-prone Baumann Skin Type. Our data[i] shows that over 80% of people below the age of 30 have lifestyle habits that make it appropriate for them to use a retinoid.  If you choose to use a retinoid, you need to use it in the correct step in the regimen because what you use before and after retinoids will effect how well they work and the side effects that you experience.

The science of how retinoids prevent skin aging is very interesting. If you are a science lover like me- click here to learn more about retinoid science.  Beginners should start with a low strength retinoid.  Here are our favorite low strength retinoids:




Best Anti-Wrinkle Creams for 20s

Dry skin types often prefer creams instead or serums. You can also layer creams over antiaging serums.  If you choose to use a serum and a cream, use the serum first and apply the moisturizing cream on top.  The only time this varies is with retinol.  When beginning a retinol, you should  put it on top of your moisturizer. This link explains when to use retinol and moisturizers in your skincare routine. Retinoids and Vitamin C in a jar are not effective because air and light get into the jar when the lid is open and inactivate these unstable ingredients.  So if you choose cream with these ingredients- pick an airless pump rather than a jar.

Best Antiaging Eye Creams for 20s

The same ingredients that I discussed above help prevent aging around the eyes.  However- the best bet is to wear sunscreen around your eyes.  Our favorite antiaging eye creams are here:


Antiaging Sunscreens

I’m sure it is no surprise to you that most important skincare product to preventing skin aging and wrinkling in your 20s is sunscreen with a SPF of at least 15 every day.  Many people don’t think about SPF as antiaging- but it is!

If you have oily skin, you can use your sunscreen instead of a moisturizer.  Any sunscreen is better than no sunscreen, but don’t rely exclusively on SPF powder. You need a gel, lotion or cream sunscreen for the best protection.  You can layer sunscreen powder over sunscreen to cut the shine and give your skin a matte finish.  Tinted sunscreens protect your skin from light from your phone and computer skin because they contain iron oxides that are not in untinted sunscreens. So - consider a tinted sunscreen instead of makeup foundation.  Darker skin tones and men prefer tinted sunscreens because they do not make the skin appear white. Here are some of our favorite tinted sunscreens:


This helpful guide can only give you general advice.  Remember- if you want specific suggestions for your skin type and lifestyle habits- take the free 3-5 minute quiz here.  Then look at the suggested regimen and browse through all the products that we recommend for your skin type.  You can choose by brand, price and other preferences.



[i] Data on file as of 6/29/2022 from over 29,000 participants

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