Acne Facts To Know Before Buying Acne Treatments Online

Here are some tips to help you use and find the best over-the-counter acne treatments for adults and teens.

What is the best skin care treatment for acne?

There is no one best skin care product, treatment or acne routine that works for everyone.  You need to personalize and customize your skin care routine for the fastest results. Basic acne treatments should be combined with products that treat your other issues such as dry skin, dark spots, sensitive skin, hypersensitive skin and wrinkles.

Once you have begun an acne treatment plan, your regimen should be adjusted every four weeks, according to how your skin responds during each four-week period. For example, you should begin acne treatment with a low-strength retinoid, and slowly increase to a stronger percentage of retinoid.

Step 1: Find out your Baumann Skin Type®

Step 2: Get a skin care routine customized for your skin type

Step 3: Adjust the suggested regimen to choose your favorite brands. If you want vegan acne products, clean acne products, cruelty-free acne products or acne products not toxic to the environment, you can use the filters found next to your suggested regimen to set the parameters to match your preferences.

Step 4: Buy the entire suggested kit and receive a discount

Step 5: use the suggested regimen for 8 weeks. You should begin to see the clearing of your skin at 8 weeks if you are following the instructions exactly.

Step 6: If you are not seeing improvement, see a dermatologist or skin care specialist. You can find one at  

How to know when to see a dermatologist? Click here

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