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Dr Baumann Skin Types
Get the Most From Skin Products

Some beauty ingredients don't work in combination with others or lose their effectiveness when exposed to heat, air or moisture. To get the most out of your products, follow these six beauty-boosting tips:

  • Always apply your retinoid at night, never in the morning. When exposed to sunlight, retinol is deactivated.
  • Never leave the lid off a product that contains vitamin C. When dissolved in water -- as it usually is when added to cosmetic products -- vitamin C reacts with the air and loses its antioxidant and collagen promoting properties. When this happens, vitamin C can damage your skin by promoting the formation of free radicals. Only buy vitamin C products that have been formulated with proper stabilization methods, such as La Roche Posay Active C and SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic.
  • Don't leave your sunscreen in the car. Heat degrades SPF ingredients, leaving you vulnerable to burns.
  • Do not mix glycolic or salicylic acid with hydroquinone, retinol or vitamin C. Acid breaks down these ingredients and renders them useless.
  • To keep dandruff shampoos and hydroquinone from losing their effectiveness, take a one-month holiday from them every three to four months. As the body gets used to them, it increases enzyme production to overcome the action of the ingredients (the medical term for this is `tachyphylaxis').
  • Never leave cosmetic products in the shower, as moisture can cause bacteria to grow. Instead, store products in a cool, dark place.

Discover your Baumann Skin Type

It is important to see your doctor to diagnose your skin type. These products are formulated for use under a doctor’s supervision. Once you visit your doctor and get a skin type diagnosis, he/ she will prescribe a skincare regimen for you and give you a code that will allow you to shop here. Find a Skin Type Solutions Physician Partner here.

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