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Dr Baumann Skin Types
Daily Must-Haves for Your “Tight” Skin

You may not be concerned about visible signs of aging now, but taking proper care of your skin is essential for staying “Tight” and wrinkle-free for the long term. Although your exact regimen will vary depending on your skin’s other attributes, these essentials should be part of any “Tight” types routine. For the adjustments that will optimize the appearance and health of your skin, log in to your account at


Every skin type needs to start off their skincare regimen with thorough cleansing. But your skin’s other attributes dictate the type of cleanser that’s best for your skin. If you’re “Oily,” go with a foaming cleanser, and if you’re “Dry,” opt for a cream or milk formulation.

Targeted treatments

It’s important to address specific skin concerns including breakouts, dark spots and inflammation. A serum is usually your best bet since they are more concentrated than moisturizers that claim to improve these issues. If you experience excessive shine, you can apply an oil-control product as well.

  • Sensitive” types: Look for products with soothing ingredients like grapeseed oil, feverfew, soy, resveratrol, caffeine and green tea. Avoid glycolic acid, lactic acid, citrus and hydroquinone.
  • Acne-prone and “Oily” types: Try glycolic acid, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil, willow bark, feverfew and soy to keep excess oil in check without overdrying the skin.
  • "Resistant” “Pigmented” types: Skin-lightening ingredients like vitamin C, kojic acid, licorice root, hydroquinone and glycolic acid can be well-tolerated by your skin.
  • “Dry” and sun-damaged skin: Vitamin C, hydroquinone, idebenone, coQ10 and glycolic acid are good options for “Resistant” skin, while “Sensitive” types can benefit from anti-inflammatory ingredients like feverfew, soy, grapeseed oil, green tea, caffeine and resveratrol.


The one constant in every skin type’s product regimen is sunscreen—every day, rain or shine. While “Oily” types can usually get enough moisture from sunscreen itself, “Dry” types may need a separate moisturizer, which always goes on before the SPF.

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Discover your Baumann Skin Type

It is important to see your doctor to diagnose your skin type. These products are formulated for use under a doctor’s supervision. Once you visit your doctor and get a skin type diagnosis, he/ she will prescribe a skincare regimen for you and give you a code that will allow you to shop here. Find a Skin Type Solutions Physician Partner here.

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